DC Power Jack for Acer Aspire 5250, 5741, 7750 ExtraNET

    DC Power Jack for Acer Aspire 5250, 5741, 7750


    Βύσμα Τροφοδοσίας για Acer Aspire 1551, 5253, 5736, 5750, 7750

    DC connector: 5.5mm x 1.7mm


    for Acer:

    Aspire 1521
    Aspire 1551
    Aspire 1551G
    Aspire 5250
    Aspire 5251
    Aspire 5252
    Aspire 5253
    Aspire 5253G
    Aspire 5336
    Aspire 5542
    Aspire 5542G
    Aspire 5551
    Aspire 5551G
    Aspire 5552
    Aspire 5552G
    Aspire 5733
    Aspire 5733Z
    Aspire 5736
    Aspire 5736G
    Aspire 5736Z
    Aspire 5741
    Aspire 5741G
    Aspire 5741Z
    Aspire 5741ZG
    Aspire 5742
    Aspire 5742G
    Aspire 5742Z
    Aspire 5742ZG
    Aspire 5750
    Aspire 5750G
    Aspire 5750Z
    Aspire 5750ZG
    Aspire 5755G
    Aspire 7250
    Aspire 7250G
    Aspire 7560
    Aspire 7739
    Aspire 7739G
    Aspire 7739Z
    Aspire 7739ZG
    Aspire 7750
    Aspire 7750G
    Aspire 7750Z
    Aspire 7750ZG

    Aspire E1-531
    Aspire E1-531G
    Aspire E1-532
    Aspire E1-532P
    Aspire E1-572
    Aspire E1-572P

    Aspire V3-531
    Aspire V3-531G
    Aspire V3-551
    Aspire V3-551G
    Aspire V3-571
    Aspire V3-571G

    Timeline 5830
    Timeline 5830T

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