AG TermoGlue 10gr

    AG TermoGlue 10gr κόλλα θερμικής αγωγιμότητας


    AG TermoGlue 10gr κόλλα θερμικής αγωγιμότητας. AGT-116


    AG TermoGlue thermally conductive adhesive – a great way to secure the radiators to e.g. memory chips, transistors or bridges. The connection thus created is super strong and has excellent heat transfer characteristi.


    Drying time 2 - 8 min (hardening: 24 - 48 uur)
    Hardness 45 - 75 (Shore A)
    Tensile strength 2 Mpa
    Thermal conductivity ≥1 W/mK
    Resistance ≤ 2 x 1015 c-in/W
    Dielectric strength 20 KV/mm
    Max. operating temperature 200 ℃
    Max. thickness 6 mm
    Contents 10 g
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